About Westgate Moore

Westgate Moore Associates has been delivering excellence in Accounts Payable functions for more than 15 years. We are thought leaders on best practice, drawing on our combined experiences of more than 50 years. More often than not, solution providers can try and over complicate new products in order to solve existing problems.

Accounts Payable and beyond

Fast forward to March 20th 2020 and the ways in which Accounts Payable functions operate drastically changes. The front line of all medium and large sized businesses have had to adapt pretty quickly. We are now seeing a new normal; a balance of office and remote work – something which 6 months ago would have been unprecedented for many AP teams.

Doing more with less – the 2020 mantra at Westgate Moore – and perhaps the mantra for all AP functions up and down the UK. Furloughed employees. Newly redundant employees. Drastically reduced AP workforce. Massive amounts of disruption to the processes within AP. But still the same amounts of payments needing to be paid to suppliers. Resources are stretched to the limits.

With 20 years’ experience of working in Accounts Payable, Westgate Moore have developed an invaluable knowledge of the ins and outs of an AP function and have recovered over £50 million in lost revenue for organisations in the process.


More than 80 years combined experience working alongside Accounts Payable


Recovering more than £50 million in lost revenue for both public and private sector organisations


Locating millions of pounds of unclaimed credits from supplier’s accounts